We believe that privacy is a fundamental right, which should never be compromised. Over the year monopolistic entities with selfish motives, have abused their powers and market position to gain access, analyse, influence human behaviours based on user data.

Our block chain powered zero knowledge storage architecture ensures more secure, and more reliable network — at a fraction of the cost of traditional storage. Whether you need primary or secondary storage in the cloud, an accessible data archive, or long-term storage, StorX Network’s price point makes it easy to have it all.


Our first Distributed Storage App was
launched in 2021. With more than

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    Node Operators

Our user experience was designed to
offer peace of mind.


Our Mission

Empower Customers by engaging in continuous innovation in data protection through simple, secure, automated software-defined solutions.


Our Vision

Redefine the way world views enterprise data protection by empowering companies to improve their data protection outcomes and efficiencies through advanced analytics and automation.