StorX Self Hosted Cloud environments is ideal for any type of businesses and projects looking for enhanced privacy and security of its data. It is one of the most recommended deployment model to host mission-critical data in high availability and security levels.

Welcome to StorX Self-Hosting Cloud, where data sovereignty meets the convenience of the distributed cloud protected by Blockchain. With StorX, you can liberate your data from the constraints of traditional cloud providers, where security and privacy is a daunting task. Our self-hosting cloud solution empowers you with the tools to securely store, manage, and access your data on your terms.

Why Choose StorX Self-Hosting Cloud

Data Sovereignty
and Control

Reclaim ownership of your data. StorX Self-Hosting Cloud lets you keep your data within your own infrastructure, ensuring you have full control and compliance over where your data resides.

Enhanced Security

Your data's security is paramount. With StorX, you're not at the mercy of third-party security protocols. Implement your own security measures tailored to your organization's needs.

Customization and

Customize your self-hosting environment to match your requirements. Scale resources up or down, integrate and adapt to changing demands seamlessly.

Cost Efficiency

Say goodbye to monthly subscriptions and overage fees. StorX Self-Hosting Cloud offers a cost-effective alternative, allowing you to allocate resources according to your budget.

Benefits of StorX Self Hosted Cloud

Data Sovereignty

In StorX Self Hosted cloud all the Nodes are hosted exclusively for client, This confirms legal and regulatory compliance by ensuring your data remains within your jurisdiction, minimizing risks associated with data governance.

Resiliency & Redundancy

StorX Distributed Cloud architecture ensure that your data is evenly encrypted, fragmented and replicated before distributed across multiple private locations completely setup and managed by you. Single location failure would not lead to data loss. This ensures that your data backup isn't concentrated on single cloud and prone to failure.

Privacy and

Safeguard sensitive information by keeping it within your infrastructure, reducing exposure to external vulnerabilities and breaches.

Reduced Latency

Enjoy faster access to your data due to its proximity, resulting in enhanced performance for critical applications.

Data Integrity

Seamlessly integrate power of Block chain authenticity into storage, With StorX Self-Hosting Cloud your data backups are regularly authenticated by immutable power of blockchains.

Steps in Getting Started with StorX Self-Hosting Cloud:


Assessment and Planning

Evaluate your data storage needs and infrastructure capabilities. Our experts can guide you through the process to ensure a seamless deployment.


Deployment and Configuration

Deploy the StorX Self-Hosting Cloud solution within your environment. Configure security measures, access controls, and data storage settings to match your requirements.


Data Migration and Onboarding

Migrate your existing data to the self-hosted environment. Our team can assist you in transferring data securely and efficiently.


Ongoing Support and Optimization

Benefit from continuous support and optimization services to ensure your self-hosting environment operates at its best.

Secure, Control, and Empower with StorX
Self-Hosted Cloud

Harness the power of data ownership and control while enjoying the benefits of the cloud. Experience the difference with StorX Self-Hosting Cloud – where your data is truly yours.


Experience the peace of mind that comes with StorX Network Secured Cloud Storage

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Difference between StorX Networks And StorX Self Hosted

StorX Networks

  • StorX Storage Nodes Setup & Managed by StorX & Nodes Operator
  • Nodes Hosted by Storage Node Operators
  • Connectivity over the public Internet
  • Low initial costs, Pay As You Go(OPEX model)
  • Platform Setup & Managed by StorX Networks, Nodes by Node Operator
  • Low visibility and control into the infrastructure
  • High scalability

StorX Self Hosted Cloud

  • StorX Networks Instance Setup for and managed by Enterprise.
  • Storage Node Hosted by a Enterprise
  • Connectivity over the public Internet
  • Initial Setup Cost, Controlled costs over Long Term (CAPEX model)
  • Setup by Enterprise, Managed can be outsourced.
  • High visibility and control into the infrastructure
  • High scalability & Cost Contol