SaaS platform works on shared responsibility, Which means that organization hosting the application would be only liable to provide you with uninterrupted services, Leaving the task of managing data backup sole responsibility of the users. Most SaaS users are unaware of this fact. The majority of companies using SaaS applications have experience of some form of data loss.

Your SaaS Data could be lost Due to

Human Error

Everyday human errors account for up to 64% of data loss incidents according to Aberdeen research. Employees inevitably delete the wrong email, contacts, or critical configurations.

Malicious Insiders

Employee action is involved in up to 23% of all electronic crime events, according to the CERT Insider Threat Center at Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute.

Data Deletion

SaaS providers will honor your deletion request without question. They have no way of knowing if it’s a hasty (or malicious) request and they are not responsible for any unexpected results.

Software Bugs /
Programmatic Errors

Otherwise known as sync errors, those powerful tools designed to streamline business processes can ruin critical data in a flash — with no undo.


Whether through technical means or social engineering, aggressive individuals and organizations are constantly inventing new tactics for getting to your data.

Malware and Viruses

Rogue software can spread mayhem with programmatic efficiency without an active attack from a hacker. Many malware programs and viruses emerge from existing code after hibernation, making them especially hard to defend against.


Beyond a typical cyberattack, these forms of industrial-scale extortion are becoming increasingly aggressive and expensive

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