Why Choose StorX Network Secured Cloud Storage


Advanced Encryption

Your data is encrypted using state-of-the-art encryption protocols both during transit and while at rest. This ensures that only you have access to your files.


StorX utilizes a decentralized network, distributing your data across multiple nodes to prevent a single point of failure and enhance data redundancy.

Data Privacy

We value your privacy. StorX Network Secured Cloud Storage ensures that your data remains private and is not accessed or exploited for any purpose.


With a zero-knowledge architecture, only you hold the decryption keys to your data. This means that not even StorX can access your files.

Features of StorX Network Secured Cloud Storage


Secure File Sharing

Share files with colleagues, friends, or family with confidence, knowing that your shared data remains protected through the same rigorous security measures.


Anywhere Access

Access your files from anywhere, on any device. Our platform supports various operating systems and devices for your convenience


Intact Backup

Safeguard your important files with intact backups. Never worry about losing your data due to device failures or accidents


Scalable Storage

Whether you need a few gigabytes or terabytes of storage, StorX Network Secured Cloud Storage offers scalable storage options to accommodate your growing needs.

How StorX Network Secured Cloud Storage Works


Upload: Simply upload your files through our user-friendly interface or dedicated app. Your files are encrypted locally before being uploaded to the StorX network.


Decentralized Storage: Once uploaded, your data is distributed across multiple nodes in the decentralized network. This enhances data security and availability.


Access and Share: Easily access and manage your files through the StorX app or web interface. You can also securely share files with others, controlling access rights


Data Security is Our Priority: At StorX, we understand that your data is invaluable. Our team of experts continuously works to enhance the security measures in place, ensuring that your digital assets remain protected against potential threats.


Experience the peace of mind that comes with StorX Network Secured Cloud Storage

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